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Uniform Invoice Software is a popular Excel Invoice software tool
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Uniform Invoice Software is a popular Excel Invoice software tool. The program uses invoice templates in Microsoft Excel as its front-end, and uses an add-in program that runs inside Microsoft Excel to connect the invoice template with a backend database. The architecture allows you to leverage the advantages both of your Excel and a backend database.

The database in the backend stores and handles all your valuable business data, including customers, products, invoices and payments. This invoicing program creates the link between the front-end Excel invoice templates and databases, and implements the business logic required. And, the front-end invoice templates are responsible for formatting and calculating invoices.

This invoicing program is flexible enough that allows you to customize the invoice form in the way you like, as you can see from the following directory of the invoice templates we created in the past several years, or visit UniformSoft.com home page A Gallery of Free Invoice Templates.

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